Our training courses: June 2012


TEC Eurolab is pleased to present the courses on the catalogue for the month of June 2012 :

  • Magnetic particles test MT (2nd level) UNI EN 473-ISO 9712 (from 5 to 8 June at Buttigliera Alta headquarter)
  • UT Method - Ultrasonic test 2nd level UNI EN 473-ISO 9712 (from 4 to 8 and from 18 to 22 June at Campogalliano headquarter)
  • RE Method: metallographic replica controls - level 2 UNI 11373 (forthcoming activation, date to be define)
  • ST Method extensimetric test 2nd level ISO9712 (forthcoming activation, date to be define)
  • Welding coordination activities - UNI EN ISO 3834 (from 14 to 15 and from 20 to 22 June at Campogalliano headquarter)


  • Reading of Industrial technical drawing (projections, dimensions, roughness and geometric tolerances) (4 and 5 June at Campogalliano headquarter)


  • Course for Internal Auditor UNI EN ISO 9001 (14 June at Campogalliano headquarter)
  • Corrosion, Corrosion-prof and protection of metallic materials (7 and 8 June at Campogalliano headquarter)
  • Testing of materials: metallographic preparation, macrographic and micrographic analysis (19 June at Campogalliano headquarter)
  • Aluminum and its alloys: properties, standards, testing, treatments and applications (5 and 6 June at Campogalliano headquarter)
  • Steels: properties, standards, testing, treatment and applications (18 and 19 June at Maniago headquarter)


  • Application and analysis of thin films and surface coatings. (19 June at Campogalliano headquarter)
  • Introduction to the use of innovative additives in nanostructured materials. (27 June at Campogalliano headquarter)
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04/05/2017Innovation Quality Summit, Stuttgart

9-10 May - TEC Eurolab will be in Stuttgart for the International Summit on Innovation and Disruptive Tecnologies

21/03/2017CONVENTION: “Non Destructive Testing for the Automotive Industry”

TEC Eurolab TEC Eurolab promotes the convention as Major Sponsor and will hold a speech about “Tomographic analysis on Automotive components”.

15/03/2017A Work of Art

The daily “Gazzetta di Modena” interviewed Carlo Baldessari: glass artist with which TEC Eurolab has a long lasting cooperation.
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