Our story

1990 – In June of this year, the idea and entrepreneurial vision of Alberto Montagnani and Paolo Moscatti took shape as they founded Eurolab SNC, a small metallurgy laboratory with its administrative and operational headquarters in a ninety-square-meter apartment, suitably modified, on the ground floor of an old industrial building just outside the historic centre of Modena.

1994 – The business moves to a more appropriate artisanal warehouse in Campogalliano (MO). The choice is a strategic one in terms of added space (350 square meters) and location. This begins a virtuous cycle of continuous staff training and investments in equipment, always with an eye to quality as the foundation of the business plan, as evidenced in the attainment of its first accreditations.

1997 – The company grows stronger, new clients come on board, and in October 1997 a new company, Eurolab Garanzia Qualità Srl, is formed to take over the laboratory activities of Eurolab SNC, which remains in operation as a SIT-accredited calibration centre.

2000 – The SIT-accredited calibration centre is absorbed into Eurolab Garanzia Qualità Srl.

2002 – In spite of an increase to 550 square meters, there is not enough space to support the growth of the laboratory and thus in 2002 the current facility was opened in Viale Europa 40, still in Campogalliano (MO).

2005 – The professionalism and skills acquired allow a broader field of operations, no longer limited to metal alloys but now also in polymers, composite materials and carbon fibre; then special processes like welding, painting and non-destructive testing, the work at the calibration centre, and dimensional testing. In October of this year, TEC Eurolab Srl is formed.

2006 – The laboratories expand from 1,300 to 2,100 square meters. There is parallel growth on the one hand of the corporate skill set and accreditations, and on the other hand the number of areas of expertise and years of experience of the associates.

2011 – During this year, a small experiment in internationalisation takes place with the opening of a metallurgy laboratory in Shanghai, China.

2013 - TEC Eurolab implements a significant plan for organisational restructuring with the strategic goal of focussing even more attention on the skills that serve our clients and their technical needs. With this perspective, the overseas experiment of the Shanghai office comes to an end and the branch office for calibrating measurement instruments is transferred to the multinational TRESCAL. The proceeds from these operations is immediately reinvested in acquiring new technologies and hiring additional qualified personnel.

2014 – The company continues to invest heavily in acquiring new technologies, training technical staff and obtaining new accreditations, showing its resolve to remain faithful to its vision and mission, ensuring its clients an offering of value in line with their highest expectations.

2015 - TEC Eurolab celebrates 25 years of operations.
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