Our history

1990 - In June of that year the idea and entrepreneurial vision of Alberto Montagnani and Paolo Moscatti was born, and Eurolab SNC was founded in a small metallurgic workshop. Here, its legal and operating location was a 90 sqm apartment-turned-workshop on the first floor of an old industrial building right outside of the historical center of Modena.

1994 - The company moves to Campogalliano (Modena province) in a more suitable warehouse. The choice to move turned out to be strategic in terms of the new space, 350 sqm, and location.From there started a virtuous path of continual staff training and investments in equipment, always in pursuit of quality, which was attested by the achievement of the first accreditations.

1997 - The company is strengthened as new clients arrive and in October 1997 a new company is formed, Eurolab Garanzia Qualità Srl, which takes care of the lab work for Eurolab SNC, still an SIT accredited calibration center.

2000 - The SIT accredited calibration center merges with Eurolab Garanzia Qualità Srl.

2002 - Despite the additional space, which brought it to 550 sqm, it nevertheless proves to be inadequateto support the growth of the lab and in 2002, the current location on Viale Europa 40 (in Campogalliano, province of Modena), is inaugurated.

2005 - Acquired professionalism and expertise allow for our field of practice to expand, no longer just metal alloys but also polymers, composite materials, carbon fiber; then specialprocesses: welding, coating and non-destructive testing, calibration center, dimensional testing.In October of that year TEC Eurolab Srl is founded.

2006 - The labs are enlarged from 1,300 sqm to 2,100 sqm.While the company expertise and accreditations grow, so does the number of professional figures and collaborators’ experience.

2011 - The company experiences a small sort of internationalization that year with the opening of a metallurgic lab in Shanghai, China.

2013 - TEC Eurolab makes a significant organizational restructuring plan with the purpose of strategically focusing more attention on9/ client service skills and client technical needs.With this taken into consideration, the overseas experience with the location in Shanghai is ended, along with the calibration measuring instruments company, which is sold off to the multinational TRESCAL.The profit from these activities is immediately reinvested into purchasing new technologies and hiring more qualified personnel.

2014 - The company continues to invest heavily in new technologies, technician training and obtaining new accreditations; proof of the desire to hold strong to the vision and mission of guaranteeing clients valued services that are in line with their highest expectations.

2015 - TEC Eurolab celebrates 25 years of business.

2016 - With an ongoing process of growth, the company reaches 70 employees and the second operating headquarters is opened in Campogalliano, Modena (Via Grieco 91). The new plant with an area of 2000 square meters, is dedicated to non-destructive testing.  With the installation of the new system for industrial tomography, it becomes one of the most important Italian industrial Tomographic centers and among the best performing at European level.

2017 - TEC Eurolab continues its process of growth, reaching 80 employees and with 4500 square meters of production area related to testing laboratories. 
Now, for the first time, the company started a partnership with a sports company called Azimut Modena Volley. For this reason, it becomes the official sponsor for the 2017/2018 season. The collaboration is based on the claim "To win together" and on the will to consolidate and share the fundamental values: enhancement of talents, passion, innovation, social responsibility and obviously team spirit. These values unite TEC Eurolab and Modena Volley, in the company as in the sport.

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