Optic emission spectrometry (EOS)


The emission spectrometry analysis allows to verify the chemical composition of the metallic alloy.

The technique of the emission spectrometry analysis uses a high energy discharge created in the space filled in of gas between an electrode and a sample of the material to be tested. The discharge produces an emission of radiation from the surface of the sample excited with wavelengths characteristic of the elementar composition.
The radiation spectrum is separated into distinct elementary lines and the intensity of each line is measured. At the end, these intensities are converted accurately into concentration values ​​for each element present.

What is it for?
The chemical composition of a metal alloy is important to classify the material.

On what this analysis is performed  / sampling
The analysis is performed on a solid sample with a small flat section of 50 mm2
Sampling should be done in the core of the component under analysis.
The instrument in TEC Eurolab Srl allows the quantitative analysis of iron base alloys, aluminum alloys and copper alloys.
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