Birth of the association "Aziende Modenesi per la Responsabilità sociale d’Impresa"


On September 30, Aziende Modenesi per la Responsabilità sociale d’Impresa ( Modena's Companies Association for Corporate Social Responsibility) has been founded.

TEC Eurolab is one of Association's members.that has a clear target: promote the principles of sustainability at 360° and promote a different way to “make company culture” in our area.

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07/11/2017TEC Eurolab at Formnext 2017 powered by tct

leading tradefair for Additive Manufacturing - Frankfurt, Germany.

24/10/2017 - 26/10/2017TEC Eurolab at Euromold 2017 - Munich Airport

World Fair for Mold, Design, Additive Manufacturing and product development

04/05/2017Innovation Quality Summit, Stuttgart

9-10 May - TEC Eurolab will be in Stuttgart for the International Summit on Innovation and Disruptive Tecnologies
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