Non destructive testing in China


TEC Eurolab in China to support a client, for some non destructive testing on a supply pipes.

Goals of verifies performed by TEC Eurolab NdT technician LEVEL II according to ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1-A for UT Method (Ultrasonic Test), was identify volumetric and surface defects on pipes and any other problems. Non destructive testing has been accomplished on customer’s site

To define the volumetric integrity of pipes has been performed a UT (ultrasonic) test with specific equipment. This first phase of test have also shown some problems. Because of this reason, technician was performed a chemical control PMI (Positive Material investigation) with specific portable equipment (x-ray fluorescence spectrometer) to consider conformity of values required by ASTM B407 standard.

Non destuctive Testing activities were completed with success in satisfaction of both. - Internet Partner
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