Non Destructive Testing in Spain


TEC Eurolab this time landing in Spain for about a 15,000 tons "problem" .
Our two welding inspectors (IWI - International Welding Inspector), levels 2 and 3 in non-destructive testing according to UNI EN ISO 9712, they went by our client to carry out a Expediting (inspection at 360 °) on welded foundation piles (about 15,000 tons) for a cargo port recently established.
The activity was conducted in three phases involving our qualified technicians, for 8 weeks.
In first step was carried out a check on compliance with procedural and documentary requirements of AWS D1.1 legislation resulting in checks on the validity of the qualifications of the welding process (WPQR), qualifications of welding procedures (WPS) and the qualification of the welder (WQ )
In second step, after having found some shortcoming in respect of the documents analyzed during the first phase, was carried out a technical support on the path to certification processes, procedures and qualifications for welding.
In third and final step has been carried out non-destructive UT (ultrasonic testing) on the circumferential welds of the poles, in accordance with standard AWS D1.1 previously cited and analyzed, then with the consequent occurs, respect of welding procedures that were qualified in step 2, as a result of the shortcomings that were encountered.
Were then verified and respected delivery time.
Below some photos of inspections carried out on site


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