Non-contact Dimensional testing

Through not-in-contact dimensional measurements, it is possible to compare the object under inspection with the related mathematics as well as to perform the reverse engineering.
This type of control is suitable both for rigid and deformable objects, and requiring a not too precise measurement. This because of the precision of the laser ScanArm V2.

Thanks to the laser head, which is mounted on the portable laser scanner, and to Geomagic Qualify software, it is possible to perform a scan of the particular, obtaining as a result a cloud of points, which can be compared to the reference mathematics, or it can be modeled with surfaces if it is necessary, to obtain the CAD model directly from the real piece (reverse engineering).

The result obtained by comparing the cloud of points with the mathematics will be the displaying of a color map with the deviations of the real piece compared to the CAD model. In case of cold colors it will be evident a lack of material (negative deviation), in case of warm colors it will be evident the abundance of material (positive deviation). The green color means that all the deviations fall within the set tolerance.

The end result can be integrated with "flags" that show the deviations of the point to be inspected. Everything is completely customizable, with sections and tables. - Internet Partner
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