The newly available DIONDO D7 6 MEV LINAC Computed Tomography system has been developed for the reliable analysis of objects that are difficult to penetrate due to their high density or thickness.

Beside power, long focal distance and small detector pixel pitch allow to reach optimal resolutions limiting geometric magnification and therefore avoiding unsharpness.

Complete engine blocks, inconel turbine blades and large additive components can be properly analyzed with this new system, 10 times more powerful than any other CT system in Italy and almost unique in the worldwide service market.
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Manipulator: 6-Axes granite-based
Variable FDD: 1500 - 4000 mm
Scanning envelope: D = 1000 mm, H = 2000 mm
Max payload: 200 kg
Max dose rate: 2.5 Gy/min @ 3 MeV, 9.0 Gy/min @ 6 MeV
High resolution Line Detector Array: length 600 mm, pixel pitch 200 μm
3K Flat Panel Detector 4343 HE: active area 417 x 417 mm, pixel pitch 139 μm


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