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NEFTECH is an Enterprise Network created by TEC Eurolab Srl, Procomec Srl, CRP Srl and DeltaTech for the supply of design services, prototype testing and development in the mechanical and mechatronics field.  
NEFTECH borns within the Accredited Network suppliers (NFA), the network of specialized subcontractors developed by CRIT Research to bring together the providers of excellence within CRIT Research member companies (see the box below).
By combining their capabilities and skills, the companies wich are partner of NEFTECH company partners will be able to offer a new service in an aggregated form in order to realize complex projects, including: design and simulation of theoretical type, experimental and practical analysis, rapid prototyping and development services of new sensors and measurement solutions.
"Be part of a network today, means above all to fix concrete work objectives - says Daniele Bucci, the owner of Procomec a NEFTECH partner company - With NEFTECH we want to be able to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and selective market."
Partner companies have very clear ideas. "With NEFTECH we move our competitive advantage from the ability to produce to the ability to respond, putting the focus on the service to customer and flexibility, says Paolo Moscatti, President of TEC Eurolab. Thus we can accept the challenge of complex projects, we would never have faced as individuals. "
NEFTECH network has received a funding from the Region “Emilia Romagna” to support the start-up phase of the project. The group can then hire a network manager in order to manage the orders, and can be equipped of tools and working methods in order to put resources and expertise on common factor.  
"In Europe, the European Commission is already funding projects such as NEFTECH - explains Paolo Franceschini, head of fundings for CRIT Research innovation - The tendency is to support the development of networks, more so if they are transnational. We have already presented NEFTECH to some of our research partners (including the Polytechnic of Valencia and the University of Aachen) and we immediately received positive feedback, which open the doors to new collaborations."

NFA: a supply network for a network of excellence
The Accredited Suppliers Network managed by CRIT Research was established in 2006 to bring together the suppliers of the companies members of CRIT Research, with standards of excellence for their productive specialization and production sector (advanced sensors, materials, nanotechnology, etc.). The Accredited Suppliers Network currently comprises 40 companies, coming both from Emilia Romagna (50%) and from other Italian regions (Tuscany, Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto).
“Within the activities organized by CRIT Research for NFA – explains Andrea Ceci, head of the Accredited Suppliers Network – member companies can take advantage of different services, such as the access to seminars, the opportunity to deal with other network companies on technical and scientific issues and the opportunity to interface with CRIT research member companies.

The network can be accessed only by those providers that complete an accreditation process which starts with the report by at least one of our member companies."


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