Neftech Technology: Company network to innovation - 19/11/2013 presentation seminar


Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 at the headquarters of CRIT Rersearch was the opportunity to present NEFTECH Technology , Company Network for giving services in design, testing and prototype development in industrial environment. Neftech is created by TEC Eurolab in collaboration with other 5 companies ( Ghepi , Procomec , CRP Group , ITG and Deltatech ) and with the contribution of CRIT Research
The network Neftech then begins its journey in supporting its customers by contributing to their growth in R & D field .
TEC Eurolab , Ghepi , Procomec , CRP Group , ITG and Deltatech have given birth to this new initiative to provide an advanced and customized service for the realization of integrated projects, complex and multi- skills , including design services , prototype development and testing in the mechanical and mechatronic .

Among the distinctive capabilities of the network are cited :
  • Metal replacement : competence in the selection and use of materials ( carbon fiber, high-performance polymers and sintered materials ) and the possibility of simulations through laboratory tests
  • Analysis of the reliability of mechanical systems from individual components in a complex assembly: from the analysis of the failure of a piece , the optimized solution to CAD and validated by experimental analysis in the laboratory and / or field.
During the seminar was presented the network , the companies that make it and areas of development with the presentation of some case studies:
  • Analysis and reliability of a test bench for the wind industry
  • Metal replacement of a lid of a bronze ' electric pump , with a plastic support .
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