The exhibition "MUTINA SPLENDIDISSIMA: The Roman city and its heritage" is under way.

The exhibition aims to bring out the buried reality of Mutina, the ancient Roman city hidden under the face of present-day Modena, fostering a dialogue between past and present: the heritage left us from our Romanesque origins. This event is the point of arrival of the celebrations held during 2017 as part of the program of the same name "Mutina Splendidissima", dedicated to the celebrations of the 2200th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Modena.

TEC Eurolab is a technical partner.
We have edited for the museum and in cooperation with Renaud Bernadet (restorer), all the phases of pre-restoration analysis (chemical, metallographic and tomographic) performed on the feet of the Capitol bed. The restored artefact will be showed during the exhibition.
Ilenia Prandi was the technical representative who followed the analysis and reporting.

Why did we participate?

Participation in the restoration of an art object, for an exhibition that enhances the archaeological heritage of the Modena area, allows us to bring value and benefit to our local community, simultaneously associating the company with an important topic as cultural assets. - Internet Partner
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