Mission & vision

People, skills and advanced technologies
dedicated to one goal: providing you with the certainty 
that the materials and processes
will guarantee the expected performance

Manufacturing industries are creating products that are increasingly technologically advanced and high-performing. From project design through the product’s use in the field, various factors come into play. Materials play a leading role in determining the quality of the product. Moreover, the materials themselves, and the processes they go through, are subject to constant innovation. A company’s needs can include choosing the most suitable materials for each component, verifying quality through regular inspections, performing investigations to determine the causes of any breakage or damage, or any number of unpredictable issues.
Industries do not always have the advantage of acquiring and maintaining the skills and infrastructure that are indispensable for the proper analysis and evaluation of materials and processes. The experts at TEC Eurolab, specialists in materials and processes, with their reservoir of specialised skills and equipment, can collaborate with your company’s technicians in order to: Make the best choice and use of materials; Test the chemical, mechanical and structural characteristics of materials; Determine the causes of any abnormalities or breakages.
Nobody knows the product better than the people who design it and produce it. We are experts in the materials that go into products and in the testing methods needed to determine their features and suitability for the design criteria and conditions of use. A collaboration with TEC Eurolab assures manufacturing industries of having the added value of knowledge applied to their own materials, processes and products.
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