Dimensional testing

The accuracy and compliance of component size in regards to the drawing and the design is one of the first and main key elements for proper functioning, along with a strategic parameter for monitoring a process.

The TEC Eurolab dimensional team boasts years of experience in multiple sectors as well as broad expertise in measuring and cutting-edge technological equipment. Thanks to this it can support the various needs of a client along the life phases of a component: from traditional dimensional reliefs, to three dimensional scans of components (optical and tomographic), from the verification of the first product to the validation of molds, from CAD comparison to reverse engineering to the designing and execution of measurement plans, to the drafting of dimensional testing procedures, all the way tostatistical analysis of process and statistical monitoring of measurement systems.  
Dimensional testing


Production of accurate results, using reliable measurement systems, in a very short time. This is combined with an after-activity service of sharing and discussing results with the customer, making the service a true dimensional analysis. 

Dimensional testing


Analysis of measurement systems by performing Gage R&R for the evaluation of the contributions of Repeatability and Reproducibility of the measurements in the total variability of the measured values. Special measurement systems are designed and created for the survey of the dimensions under examination. Working method:
✔ established operating methods (number of measurement repetitions and number of operators),
✔ the measurements are carried out
✔ collect data
✔ data analysis with appropriate statistical software
✔ calculation of R&R indices
✔ creation and sharing with the client of operational control procedures.


Dimensional testing


Activity of complete survey of surfaces or volumes of samples (single or assembled pieces, even of big dimensions) by means of integrated laser and tomographic technologies.
From the acquired point clouds the surfaces or volumes are reconstructed, from which, by means of reconstructions and graphic elaborations, the complete 3D CAD models are created, in commonly used formats, such as iges or step.

The scanning activity can also be performed at the customer's premises or directly in the field.

Dimensional testing


✔Statistical process control - the customer is supported in the timely interception of possible process drifts, monitoring the production process, defining special measurement plans, and creating control charts that allow to identify possible dangerous approaches to the control limits, and to identify the so-called "special causes" that can lead the process out of control.

✔Estimation of short term capability indices Cp, Cpk - calculation of process Capability indices that assess the actual capability of the production process. From the definition of the sample number, the control plans and strategies are defined, and the laboratory measurements are carried out. At the end of the process the Capability indices Cp and Cpk are calculated and shared with the customer, through analysis of results and support in the evaluation of possible corrective actions. 

✔MSA analysis - analysis of measurement systems to ensure the adequacy of measurement systems with respect to the tolerances of the characteristics to be controlled.

Dimensional testing


The purpose of the first validation of a product is to give objective evidence that drawings, dimensions and all specifications are verified and classified.
The intent is to bring out any non-conformities in order to avoid the presence of the same in the series production.




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