The verification of compliance is a comparative study that allow to determine whether a material or a product conforms to known characteristics, so it is useful to check the supplies or to objectify cases of dispute.


The verification of the specific characteristics of a material or a product is the experimental activity of measurement of certain properties of the same, in order to certify or to check out these characteristics.


Is the material used to realize a certain product, the best possible? Are there alternative materials? The answer to these questions can be obtained through a study aimed at optimizing the material and the treatment.

These studies conducted alongside companies, have the purpose to examine what are the main factors in the choice of materials used for a certain application, and provide valid alternatives.

For example, if itis necessary to achieve a cost reduction maintaining  the same performance, or higher performance at the same cost, or the standardization of certain components. Sometimes, simply the material used so far gets out of the market and it is necessary to look for an alternative, or the component produced is used in a different sector with requirements that may vary. Another case is encountered when the release of new laws or regulations, both within Europe and internationally, or the willingness of companies to enter new markets regulated  by very strict standards, may put companies in a position of having  to modify the materials or treatments.

Studies of this kind have also to be conducted  during the release of a new component, at the level of design and prototyping.

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