Lubricant fluids

What are Lubrificant fluids?
Lubricant fluids are liquid mixtures typically used for lubrication, protection, friction reduction and cooling of metal surfaces belonging to mechanical gears in operation. These mixtures are composed of a base oil of hydrocarbon nature in which a variety of additives are dissolved (eg, mineral or synthetic additives). Lubricating oils used in vehicles are also identified with the name of "motor oils".

Testing Types on Lubrificant Fluids
It is important to analyze the chemical and physical properties of used lubricating oils in order to obtain information regarding, for example, the content of contaminants or wear metals; this information determines the choice of the best oils according to the final use, putting in place a sort of predictive maintenance of machinery in which these lubricants are used. 

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS to obtain an indication of the nature of the oil / lubricant fluid

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES ANALYSIS to evaluate resistance to flow under the influence of gravity, density of the fluid or the flash point.

CONTAMINATION TESTING to preserve the integrity of all components of the system to avoid dirt, sediment, oxidation, deterioration, deformation, chemical attack, corrosion, jams, tears, abrasions, etc. - Internet Partner
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