Imagine being able to explore the inside of objects and components traveling step by step in their layers,
imagine to investigate the hidden mechanisms as they were landscape details.
Tomography is the matched technology of additive layer manufacturing: it allows to switch with absolute accuracy (a few tens of microns) from the real component to its digital model, section by section, just as the rapid prototyping allows to directly produce, layer by layer, a component from the CAD draw.

Industrial applications range from dimensional check to defects control and reverse engineering, further on with the functional study of assembled components and failure analysis. Moreover the x-ray tomography is a completely non-destructive technique so it can be applied even for the 100% manufacturing control of critical components. 
Industrial tomography, the evolution of radioscopic technology, concentrates in a single passage the non-destructive defect control of the entire casting and complete dimensional control. This enables the control lead time of the first product to be shortened by 3 to 10 times and makes tomography the most suitable technology for monitoring the setting up of production processes.
The output of the CT scan is the volume shown in  digital of the component, characterized by an accuracy, similar to a CAD model.

Obvious advantages for the customer are the ability to:
  • Trace the quality of products in the design and development process;
  • Reduce waste and increase the reliability of the control;
  • Validate other production control techniques (ultrasound method and conventional X-ray).
Growing for the future with the NSI X7000

Our new X7000 system is equipped with a 450kV tube and a dual detector. This NSI system is dedicated to the thickest aluminum samples such as automotive engine blocks, and to the denser materials like CrCo alloys used for additive manufacturing aerospace components.

The X7000  it has the largest scanning envelope and the finest tube and detectors in the market. This will allow us to scan samples as large as 110cm and 3m in height.

Using the Varian 450kV mini-focus tube provides high power without compromising on the resolution. The focal spot can be as low as 400 microns and this, in synergy with NSI SubpiX software, will enable us to reach resolutions way below 100 microns: this is unachievable in any other high powered CT System. Combing this with the Linear Detector Array provided by Detection Technology, reduces artifact scatter to deliver the best image quality.

NSI X5000 equipped with a 240kV micro-focus tube

Our tomographic centre is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation with a unique capacity, to provide an unequalled service. The largest walk-in tomographic system available in Italy, a high-performing network of 3D reconstruction and post-processing, eight movement axis for maximum inspection flexibility and patented acquisition algorithms allow us to support Italian and European firms both for production control and extremely fast response to emergencies.

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