French Inspections


TEC Eurolab continues to bring its services throughout Europe. Its qualified technicians, this time have been called by a major customer over the Alps, specifically in Toulouse (France) to execute non-destructive testing at the production site of the customer.
The inspection with videoscope system that has been made, was intended to show the status of the welds in the pipes of the Blender (mixer) and identify any anomalies or non-compliance related to the penetration of the welds themselves.
Then also carried out a visual inspection (VT) to analyze the condition and wear of the system in areas identified by the client.
The inspections completed successfully allowed the customer to determine the correct status of production site pipes.
The support of TEC Eurolab was once again effective to solve a problem of the client, which can certainly become "critical" when it involves production sites as in this case.


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