Failure Analysis

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In an increasingly competitive world that does not allow errors, the damage of a component is a problem of primary importance.

Defects and failures in components and industrial products can occur at various stages of the life cycle, from the design and prototyping phase, to the primary/secondary processing and assembly phases, up to the operational phase.

The failure analysis is a particular investigation that, through the performance of observations and tests, allows to determine the ways in which the breakage or deterioration of a component occurred and then trace its cause (root cause).

Being able to identify the problem in one of the phases prior to commissioning can be fundamental.

TEC Eurolab's approach: from the collection of information to the cause of failure

The objectives of the Failure Analysis are in fact those of identifying the mechanism of failure, localizing the origins and identifying the criticalities according to the following modalities
  • Collection of preliminary information
  • Inspection and sampling
  • Photographic documentation of the state
  • Non-destructive tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Testing of material (chemical analysis and mechanical characteristics)
  • Macrographic analysis (microstructure control)
  • Fractographic analysis (targeted control on the origin both fractographic and microstructural)
  • Technical support towards the solution of the problem

TEC Eurolab supports its customers throughout the lifecycle of a product and in order to offer the best support it puts in place:

✔ a qualified team in Failure Analysis
✔ field experience in many industrial sectors
✔ the latest generation of instrumentation
✔ direct line to the customer and accurate final reports available in the reserved area.
Are you interested in failure analysis?

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