Esame visivo (VT)

Esame visivo (VT)
With visual inspection we mean the examination of the objects to the naked eye or with the only aid of lenses or low-magnifying endoscopes.

Actually, differently from what seems, the visual inspection not only highlights surface macroscopic defects, but also allows to immediately determine which are the most suitable surfaces to sound (e.g. ultrasounds). As non-destructive test, the visual inspection plays a fundamental role and, despite it is the most natural method, it requires a great predisposition to observation and above all a great experience in order to get all the potentially available information, thus actual results according to specific acceptability ranges for the particular imperfection of the part being tested.

Check used to point out specific surface and dimensional characteristics such as: alignments, shape and dimensions of components of machines, systems and manufactures, surface condition etc. in welding, casting, precision casting and mechanical components. 
Visual Inspection on a welded pipe
Visual test using TEC Eurolab Visual Test Kit - Internet Partner