Definition of erosion: destruction of materials by the abrasive action of moving fluids, usually accelerated by the presence of solid particles carried with the fluid. See also erosion-corrosion.

Erosion-corrosion: a conjoint action involving corrosion and erosion in the presence of a moving corrosive fluid, leading to the accelerated loss of material.

To determine the cause of erosion is important to address to expert and qualified professionals, like those work in TEC Eurolab, that make analysis and tests on the broken component.

Materials selection plays an important role in minimizing erosion corrosion damage. Also several environmental modifications can implement the risk of erosion corrosion. Erosion corrosion can be also the result of a combination of an aggressive chemical environment and high fluid-surface velocities. In this case erosion corrosion can be controlled by the use of hard alloys. You can visit the official web site to view some case history. - Internet Partner
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