To be able to verify the functionality of a component, in addition to checks on the materials used and on the correspondence of the object to the project, it may be necessary to evaluate its operational functionality. For instance, it is possible to test whether the flow rate is in line with what is reported in the project, or whether the component is capable of withstanding repeated thermo-mechanical stresses as in the case of a tank subjected to pulsating pressures and high temperature.

By combining different devices available, the department is able to equip test set-ups that can reproduce and possibly aggravate the actual conditions of use of the component, allowing conduct in accelerated mode, assessments on performance degradation when it is subjected to cyclic stresses.

Furthermore, the possibility of interfacing climatic chambers of various sizes and systems for rapid heating and cooling, allows to simulate operation in conditions well below 0 ° C (up to -80 ° C) and at high temperatures (up to 220 ° C) and conditioning of air flows up to 500 ° C.

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