Dimensional testing

The software used by TEC Eurolab is CALYPSO which allows to define dimensional errors, geometric errors, errors of position and shape. The measurement can be done in manual probing, which does not provide scanning, or in CNC mode using a control program on which it is possible to insert measurement strategies in continuous scanning.
The report issued by the software can be of graphic-type, for geometric and form errors, or of table-type for dimensional errors.
Programming can also be performed in Autorun mode, which allows the palletising of a program. In essence, a program can be repeated several times in the Y axis and more times in the X axis, at a steady pace, so that it is possible to control more particulars in series, saving precious time.
The reliability of measurement is guaranteed by the extreme precision of CALYPSO software, of the CMM ZEISS PRISMO measuring machine and the VAST XT head.
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