Defects analysis

After having carried out the tomographic scan of a component (CT scan), we can then perform various semiautomatic analyses.
To do this we must first calculate the edges of all the features of the object to be analyzed, both internally and externally.

At this point, all possible internal defects have been pinpointed and can be quantified singularly or by comparison to the internal volume by use of a color scale.We can identify dimensions, volume and position, compared to a reference system, of any defects similar to a pore.
In addition, there is also a list of all the porosity calculated by the software and summarized in a chart similar to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • This is a non-destructive test and therefore there is no need to cut the component to single out its porosity.
  • The results can be quantified volumetrically and all internal voids can be located and measured. - Internet Partner
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