The reliability of a component is the capacity to guarantee a certain function for a predetermined period of time related to the type of product. In this context, great importance is attached to dynamic testing. The aim is to identify the behavior of a material subjected to tensions that vary over time, in order to simulate real operating conditions.
In the definition of a custom test is essential the collaboration with the customer, expert of the product, who collaborates with our technicians to establish the best testing methods and design the necessary equipment.

In particular, TEC Eurolab has a 500kN servo-hydraulic machine with which it is possible to perform dynamic tests customized according to the customer's needs.
The test machine allows the placement of large size components and thanks to the realization of appropriate equipment, studied together with the customer, you have the possibility to bind and test even components with a complex geometry.

The great flexibility of the test machine allows to test a wide range of components. This is why the industrial sectors involved are many, from Automotive to Aerospace, from Oil&Gas to Rail. - Internet Partner
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