C/S and O/N/H analyzers

Presence of gas (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen) and carbon / sulfur concentrations, can degrade physical- mechanical performances and corrosion resistance of metal components.
Characterize the material of a component may be critical to ensure proper operating behavior. TEC Eurolab with new equipment installed can detect these elements in more precise and accurate way.

In TEC Eurolab chemical Lab Dept. there are two new  LECO analyzers, synonymous in quality assurance of analytical data, which are able in a short time to provide precise and accurate contents on the presence of gas (eg, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen) and carbon / sulfur within the material of component, using small amounts of material.


analyzer C / S is an analysis system for fusion in a controlled atmosphere using an induction furnace, for automatic characterization, rapid and accurate of the carbon and sulfur in metal alloys and inorganic compounds.

METAL ALLOYS (eg steel, iron, titanium, copper, nickel, cobalt, tungsten, etc.)
To determine the carbon / sulfur analysis involves the burning of a few grams of sample mass in the form of chips or dust.
O / N / H analyzer, allows you to make extremely reliable and of high quality. Using the principle of fusion under inert gas, allows fast and simultaneous measurement of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen to the level of up to several thousand ppm. And is also able to handle a wide range of metals. 
METAL ALLOYS (steel, titanium, copper, nickel, cobalt)

To determine the oxygen / nitrogen / hydrogen, the analysis provides for the merger of a few grams of sample mass in the form of chips or dust.

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