CONFERENCE:“Non-destructive testing in the Automotive Sector”


CONFERENCE:“Non-destructive testing in the Automotive Sector”

Tuesday April 4 2017, in Bologna, at the Ducati Motor Holding, the second edition of the conference on “Non-destructive testing in the automotive sector” will be held, which was organized by AlPnD.

TEC Eurolab promotes the conference as a major sponsor and participates in dual capacity at the table of speakers.
  • Michael Reggiani, Director of Certifying Body, is one of the coordinators of the day;
  • The Dr. Stefano Benuzzi and Engineer Marco Moscatti will hold a talk on “Tomographic Analysis on Automotive components”.
Various topics will be discussed regarding the development of Non-Destructive Testing and its application to critical components in the Automotive and Racing sector. Given the location, it will also be possible to visit the Ducati Museum and have a guided tour in the production factory.

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DUCATI MUSEUM OF BOLOGNA, can be visited on the occasion of the Conference - Internet Partner
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