CONFERENCE:“Biomedical and additive technologies towards convergence”


CONFERENCE:“Biomedical and additive technologies towards convergence”

April 6 2017, in Milan at the Work Clinic of Luigi Devoto, a conference on “Biomedical and additive technology towards convergence”” will be held, which is sponsored by AITA, the Italian Association of Additive Technologies. .

TEC Eurolab will be among the speakers, represented by Giacomo Rigoni, International Welding Engineer (IWE), who will speak about "Laboratory tests on components made with additive manufacturing". Eng. Rigoni, has handled research and development of special processes in additive manufacturing of metal materials since 2013 at TEC Eurolab. .

The opportunities that additive technologies make available to the biomedical sector will be explored, which has made possible developments that up to now were difficult.
  • Working with difficult materials that are biocompatible (ex. Titanium). )
  • Products can be customized by adapting the design of a component in relation to the data of the medical imaging (ex. Computerized axial tomography CAT).)
  • The creation of geometric features that are in some way compatible with human tissues (ex. Trabecular structures). )

Professionals from the academic and industrial areas will take on these topics from various angles.

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