Conference: digital revolution or revolution of entrepreneurs?


Modena, Tuesday 23 May 2017 – at 5:15 – 8:30 pm
“Marco Biagi” Department of Economy, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Last May 23 the conference, organized by  the intellectual capitaland Cultural Project Association of Emilia Romagna, sponsored by the City of Modena, was held. It covered possible economic and social impacts of the so-called fourth industrial revolution..

The forum addressed new business opportunities created by taking advantage of the digitalization of work, as well as understanding how scientific, technical, inventions and art legacies can be valued through new technologies, specific to each business, city, region and country. .

The topic was introduced by Anna Spadafora, director of the Cultural Project Association of Emilia Romagna. It was enriched with ideas shared by economists, professors, scientists, authors, and entrepreneurs. On behalf of TEC Eurolab, a sponsor of the event, Paolo Moscatti (President) spoke on evolution, in terms of various speeds of adopting new technologies and adapting to them, as well as people and their intellectual capital, which remain at the heart, regardless of any innovative technology..

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