Comparison between additive manufacturing and wrought part realized with maraging steel.

Standard base materialsStandard base materials
Standard base materials
Molds for polymeric applications required high values of hardness and mechanical strength, the parts are exposed to medium temperature (~200-240°C) and wear-resistance. Common molds are realized machining bars or plate (figure 1) additive manufacturing works with powder (figure 2); Tec Eurolab studied component molds created with Laser Beam Melting.
Design has been optimized for reducing the total amount of parts and increasing the thermal conduction.
The work of machining has been considerably reduced and a complex cooling system of ducts has been realized without any supplementary machining (figure 3). Hardness value after aging treatment (figure 4) confirm good quality of production and aging performed in laboratory; fatigue examination shows a reduction of cycles compared with standard material. New design and new laser parameters on the external perimeter relocate internal stress and mechanical properties respectively. The solution adopted  increased fatigue life of part. - Internet Partner
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