"TEC Eurolab is a company where quality is not just in analysis, testing and technical reports, but there is also quality in the workplace and in personal relationships, a company in harmony with its people and its stakeholders. All this would be impossible without the dedication, competence and even passion for their work on the part of the main actors in business operations: our employees. With this awareness, we can look forward confidently to the next stages of our history.”
Paolo Moscatti – President, TEC Eurolab
"All the results obtained by our company in recent years have been possible because of great teamwork by the TEC Eurolab team, and it is thanks to the team that we can look to the future with optimism.”
Alberto Montagnani – Vice President, TEC Eurolab


TEC Eurolab is a private company incorporated in 1990.
Established with the aim of providing laboratory testing of materials used by manufacturing companies, the company has developed over time following the technological evolution of materials, processes and their industrial application.

Today TEC Eurolab is a center of technical expertise and testing laboratories where, on the basis of lengthy experience, the critical issues related to materials and processes are addressed in cooperation with the client, creating and transferring knowledge that enhance and improve the reliability of the product. We are experts in materials, processes applied to them and tests necessary to test and validate their chemical, mechanical and structural properties in accordance with their use.


We provide all manufacturing companies with the skills and tools needed to control, improve and innovate materials, products and processes. We collaborate with the client, in ways and time-frames appropriate to their needs, both in designing tests as well as transforming results into operational solutions.

With TEC Eurolab all manufacturing companies have access to the technicians, skills and equipment needed to make their product more competitive. - Internet Partner