"TEC Eurolab is a company where quality is not just in analysis, testing or technical reports, but quality is also in the workplace and personal relationships; a company that is in harmony with people and its stakeholders. All of this would be impossible without hard work, expertise and passion, and the life of the company- our collaborators. With this awareness, we can look forward to the next steps in our history."

Paolo Moscatti - President of TEC Eurolab

"Everything that has been accomplished in this company over the years has been possible because of solid teamwork, the TEC Eurolab team, and it is thanks to them that we can look forward to the future with optimisim."

Alberto Montagnani – Vice President TEC Eurolab


TEC Eurolab is a private corporation that was founded in 1990. It was created with the goal to provide lab testing on materials used in manufacturing; it has evolved over time, following the technological evolution of materials, processes and relative industrial applications. Today TEC Eurolab is a center of technical expertise and laboratory testing where, based on solid experience, demands relative to materials and processes are faced in collaboration with clients, thus creating and sharing knowledge to improve and increase the reliability of a product. We are experts on materials and processes, and the testing of them in order to check and validate their chemical, mechanical and structural properties in function to their use.


We make the skills and tools indispensable to test, improve and innovate materials, products, processes accessible to all manufacturing companies.
We collaborate with clients on ways and times that are appropriate to their needs as much in the designing of tests as in the transformation of results into operational solutions.

With TEC Eurolab all manufacturing companies can make use of technicians, skills and tools, needed to make a one-of-a-kind product. - Internet Partner
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