Classification of graphite



A microstructural examination is performed in order to define the type, distribution and dimension of graphite in cast irons.

The observation is made at 100X and by comparison with reference images contained in the standard it is possible to classify the graphite both in the form and distribution and dimension.

What is it?

The classification of the graphite is a fundamental parameter for cast irons as the resistance characteristics of these materials are closely related to how the graphite appears.

On what this analysis is performed / sampling

The sample should be obtained from a section of the piece under examination, in order to include both the observation at core and on the surface; the ideal would be to obtain multiple sections in massive and thin areas in order to observe how the characteristics vary as a function of thickness.
To perform the test it is sufficient to have samples of small enough (a few mm2), although it would be ideal to perform the test on the most representative areas.

Reference Standards
The main reference standard is UNI EN ISO 945, but tests are also performed with other reference standards such as ASTM A 247-06.

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