Certification of personnel for non destructive testing

Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing
TEC Eurolab is an ACCREDIA accredited certification organisation for certifying level 1-2-3 personnel in the various methods in the UNI EN ISO regulation 9712:2012.
Also, TEC Eurolab Srl’s level 3 SNT TC 1A can qualify level 1-2-3 personnel according to the requirements of the company’s Written Practices and ASNT-SNT TC 1° guidelines. For techniques known as “special”, it is possible to obtain qualifications in accordance with TEC Eurolab Srl regulations through passing a theoretical and practical examination.
When controls are done on pressure vessels in accordance with legislative decree 2014/68/EU, TEC Eurolab Srl can extend qualification in the scope of PED, in its capacity as a Recognised Third Party.

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