CAD Comparison Analysis

After having performed a tomographic scan of a component (CT scan), it can then be tested using various types of semiautomatic analyses.To do this we must first calculate the edges of all the features of the object to analyze, internally and externally.
 We can then adjust the relative CAD or the result of the tomographic scan of a similar object to the tomographic volume by using a customizable color scale to assess any deviations.
  The adjustment can be carried out with best-fit, 3-2-1 registration, datum item, etc. It is possible to analyze such deviations also along sections of the analyzed component, along the three main directions set up:
Advantages: :
  • The results show deviations in the CAD imaging, as well as internal features and external ones; ;
  • differences between the same components produced in the same lots and in different lots can be verified;
  • The results are visible in the 2D and 3D sections. - Internet Partner
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