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Automotive, motorcycles, cars and sports cars, race cars, racing motorcycles, luxury cars, mopeds and scooters- whatever your specific sector is, TEC Eurolab knows that design, innovation and performance quality are critical factors in the success of your products. The world automotive market is always more competitive and more attentive to the real level of quality offered.Motor performance quality is without a doubt important, but so is design, comfort and looks. This is why going beyond standards, searching for true innovation and reducing time-to-market can be the secret to success for automotive and motorcycle manufacturers, and even all automotive component manufacturers.

Performance perfection is our mission

Our foremost goal is to ensure you that the materials and processes you use in your business can guarantee expected results.Our highly specialized knowledge of materials and processes, combined with access to the most state-of-the-art technologies in terms of quality control and testing, makes TEC Eurolab consultants a valuable partner from the very beginning design phase. We can provide you with a shot of know-how in the research and development phase for new solutions while being an indispensable ally in research and defect resolution.We offer full-fledged support that can speed up production time and eliminate costs and risks related to possible defects.

Your partner in automotive

Every company and every function connected to the development of a product can benefit from our expertise.

This is why TEC Eurolab can increase your chances for success:because we have a great sense of know-how and extensive knowledge of materials and processes used in companies;
  • because we have a case history and experience that has been developed in various sectors;
  • because we boast the most advanced technology that is constantly updated;
  • because in over 25 years we have collaborated with leaders in the automotive sector;
  • because we have developed our skill set in manufacturing that is one-of-a-kind in terms of excellence in the automotive sector.
Automotive / Racing - NEW
Chassis and suspensions
An extensive knowledge of the materials and reactions to stress can be key factors in developing innovative solutions that combine performance and safety.The experience of TEC Eurolab’s technicians offers the advantage to find and quickly eliminate any defects so as to be able to enter the market with the peace of mind of an excellent quality product in every component.
Automotive / Racing - NEW
Thanks to the wide array of specific expertise, TEC Eurolab is a reference point for everything that has to do with the electronic part of vehicles, which are always more evolved and able to positively influence the choice of consumers.The various problem solving cases taken on in terms of single electronic components and complete systems, allows us to offer, in addition to classic inspection services, support that drives towards improving systems and components.
Automotive / Racing - NEW
Electrical systems
The objective of every manufacturer is to be able to guarantee an electrical system that is designed and built to never malfunction in the lifetime of a vehicle.Thanks to our experience in the traditional (gasoline and diesel) and alternative (GPL, Methane, Biofuel and hybrids) combustible sectors, TEC Eurolab is able to offer a key contribution.From research and development, all the way to failure analysis, and touching on every phase in production, our specialists can offer you the security of creating reliable and safe products and systems over time.
Automotive / Racing - NEW
Cooling systems
A cooling system that is not only efficient but also innovative can significantly contribute to improved engine performance as well as reduced pollution and component wear.Even in this case, our experience with materials can speed up and improve the development of new technologically advanced solutions.
Automotive / Racing - NEW
Internal and external
Even the design, style and comfort of the vehicle, which are variables that have a huge impact on the market, must measure up to the potential of the materials, coatings, upholstery and the constant evolution of new technologies. Our technicians’ and chemists’ know-how and up-to-date knowledge can offer a competitive edge to companies that supply internal and external vehicle components.
Automotive / Racing - NEW
Energy efficiency and environmental pollution are topics that are ever more crucial in the automotive sector, and the greatest expectations of the market are focused here. In the challenge to build a powertrain that is innovative and safe, vehicle builders find in TEC Eurolab a precious ally that from the first phases of designing and prototyping.

Automotive Materials Testing

  • Metallurgic Test
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Hydraulic Testing
  • Material property Testing
  • Polymer Testing
  • Sped up aging
  • Climate and Environment Simulations

Expertise in Automotive Materials

Nickel and Titanium Alloys
Superalloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, single crystal alloys, Rene
Composites and other non-metals

Polymer Matrix Composites

Aerospace fasteners testing - Internet Partner
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