Aging tests and conditionings

The plastic and composite materials are used also in situations of exposure to atmospheric agents (UV radiations, oxygen, ozone ...) and this can cause a rapid drop of the mechanical properties; to contrast these effects  it is necessary to empower polymers with stabilizing substances. To check the resistance to atmospheric agents, it is necessary to simulate the conditions in which the polymer and the composite will operate. For this purpose, various tests can be performed: thermo-oxidative tests or other tests to verify the resistance to aging, the reaction of the material under certain conditions of humidity etc. 

The decline of physical and mechanical properties (eg hardness, elastic modulus ...) of plastic and composite materials can also be determined by contact with certain chemicals and the temperature at which this contact takes place; the addition of additives is often not sufficient to protect and improve the characteristics of the polymeric and composite material and it may be necessary to replace it. Tests of resistance to chemicals of interest can be conducted (for example in oils or other fluids) in order to verify the resistance of the material immersed in them or in contact with them. - Internet Partner
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