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Creating higher performing and safer products, aircraft and components able to sustain many hours in flight that are at the same time capable of saving energy and guaranteeing a contained environmental impact: this is the challenge of innovation in this sector, which is ever pressing and connected to the development of new materials and new technologies. In this context, a strategic partner is one that allows research times to be reduced and have a truly innovative product on the market with peace of mind, in terms of offering the greatest possible level of quality and safety.

Being able to use materials in the best way possible is our promise to you

Having access to extensive knowledge on brand new materials (composites, ceramics, super alloys, printing additive materials, etc.) and to evolutionary technologies for testing and failure analysis can contribute enormously to increasing quality, while at the same time reducing time-to-market.As an independent analysis and testing center for the aerospace industry, the value of TEC Eurolab lies in the guarantee that we offer in quality along every phase of the productive process and every supplier that is part of the supply chain. We work with partners that are renowned and trustworthy, who are able to back your choices in designing the final test.

Your partner in aerospace

Every team working on the development of a product can take advantage of our expertise.

Here is why TEC Eurolab can broaden your chancesof success:
  • because we have the know-how and in-depth knowledge of materials and processes that are used in businesses;
  • we have a case history that spans various sectors from which we can draw on;
  • we have the most advanced and continually updated technologies; in over 25 years we have collaborated with leaders in the aerospace sector;
  • we have advanced our expertise in a production area that is one-of-a-kind in the world for its level of excellence in the aerospace sector.
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Technical support for Research and Development

Researching new materials and new applications can improve performance of the final product, which can benefit from the work of our experts. Bringing TEC Eurolab on board in the research and development phase means taking advantage of the most advanced technologies for laboratory testing and analysis, the characteristics of materials, prediction of duration of such materials or lifetime simulation.
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Technical support for Quality and Production

Guaranteeing the standards requested in the aeronautic and aerospace sectors is one of the challenges our experts can help you with. TEC Eurolab experts have extensive knowledge in this specific sector thanks to numerous collaborations with leading manufacturers internationally. Our labs comply with the requirements of NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) and are continually updated to offer a cutting edge service, from incoming inspection, to the validation of the first product.
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Failure analysis

The first added value of a collaboration with our experts, even in the testing and failure analysis phase, lies in the ability to conduct the inspection phase with the utmost professionalism by drawing on an extensive case history.TEC Eurolab offers the experience and know-how most suitable to identifying the cause of a component or assembled piece breaking, it also boasts the most cutting edge inspection equipment, from industrial tomography to microscopy systems of the latest generation.

Aerospace Materials Testing

Our labs are Nadcap and Accredia 17025 accredited for testing aerospace materials and components, furthermore TEC Eurolab is a qualified supplier to Agusta Westland, Boeing Company and Alenia Aeronautica
450KV Large size Tomography | 240KV microfocus tomografy | 450KV Radiographic Inspection | Fluorescent penetrant inspection | Magnetic particle inspection | Ultrasonic inspection | Eddy current inspection | Remote visual inspection | Termographic inspection | On field metallographic replica inspection | Positive Material Identification PMI Testing | Strain gages analysis
Composition testing service (FT-IR-DSC-TGA-DMA) Quantitative test filler | Static Mechanical Testing (full range of test) Dynamic mechanical testing | High temperature testing | Low temperature testing | Hardness Testing | Impact Testing | Drop testing | Fracture Toughness Testing | Failure analysis

Microstructures | Grain size | Inclusion content | Surface contamination and alpha case testing Near surface examination | Fastener metallurgical examination | Welding examination service | Brazing examination service

Static test on metals (tensile, compression, shear, bending) up to 600KN | Torque tests | Mechanical test on components | Dynamic test on parts (push - pull up to 500KN) Fatigue test (HCF and LCF) | High temperature mechanical test | Low temperature mechanical test | Hardness Testing | Impact Testing | Fracture Toughness Testing | Fastener Testing Services | Non metallic mechanical testing | Abrasion and Wear Testing

Corrosion Testing | Salt Fog and Salt Spray Testing Aging testing | Thermal shock test | Xenon test | UV test | Fluid compatibility test

Chemical analysis | Adhesion test | Wear and abrasion test | Aging test | Validation testing service | Failure investigation and corrective action Compatibility testing

Chemical analysis (ICP- XRF) | Gas content (N-O-H) | Grain size distribution | Grain morphology | Density | Flowability | Printability

Design for additive | Alloy design | Powders testing service | Machine optimization service Tomography inspection on parts | Static and dynamic mechanical testing | Metallurgical testing service | Performances testing

Chemical analysis (EOS- ICP-XRF) | Single element analysis (C-S) | Gas analysis (H-O-N) | Chemical process analysis | Unknown residue identification | Lubricant and fluids contaminant analysis Humidity test

Finite Element Analysis | Reverse engineering | 3D laser tracking | Dimensional validation | Surface reconstruction | Stress analysis

Expertise in Aerospace Materials

Nickel and Titanium Alloys
Superalloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, single crystal alloys, Rene
Composites and other non-metals

Polymer Matrix Composites

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