#adeepervision, a workshop to inaugurate the largest tomographic center in Italy.


#adeepervision, a workshop to inaugurate the largest tomographic center in Italy.
Thursday February 23 2017, at the second TEC Eurolab location the #adeepervision workshop took place for Quality Management and R&D professionals. This was a chance to meet and officially open the new Tomographic System X7000, which is the largest Industrial Tomographic system installed in Italy, thus confirming the fact that TEC Eurolabs is a source of excellence for this cutting edge technology in the non-destructive testing sector. The workshop started in the morning with two roundtables, held by leaders in the academic and industrial world. The afternoon involved a guided tour of the three TEC Eurolab departments: the new Tomographic Center and the Dimensional Testing and Non-Destructive Testing areas. Throughout the day, our technicians and engineers took on the task of further discussing topics of specific interest of our guests, offering #adeepervision of technologies and relative applications. .
During the two roundtable discussion the speakers took a deeper look with the participants and discussed the technical specifics of the new system, showing its features, applications, and capacity in academic research and the new potential it offers to industries. The integration of Computerized Industrial Tomography with other analysis and service techniques (Failure Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Structural Simulation FEM and Mechanical Testing), work synergistically to guarantee complete assistance along the entire Supply Chain.
More than 50 guests from the most advanced industrial sectors of automotive and aerospace participated, contributing to the technical discussion. A day dedicated to getting to know about the new technology that has made its way onto the market: A chance to exchange ideas for the industrial and academic sector in Italy.

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