Additive Manufacturing

Find out how to optimize the additive manufacturing process

Your challenge

For companies involved in the process flow of additive manufacturing in the industrial area, from R&D to production, Additive Manufacturing means having a new “holistic” approach that includes: changing design methods, integrating testing to production and defining new acceptability criteria. Evaluating the primary aspects together, such as the choice of raw materials, analysis of the process and characteristics that can be achieved with tests capable of providing effective results. .

Our solution

With TEC Eurolab, in a sector without regulations or standards yet, like additive manufacturing, you can count on an end to end service provider for the entire process of additive manufacturing in the industrial area, from concept and design to industrialization and production. Our NADCAP and UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs and the specific skills in metallurgy, failure analysis and chemistry, are guarantees to specific procedures and elevated qualitative standards.

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