Art and Technique


“Pieces of glass as if they were words. . .
each time I create a new story
to read with your hands
and then then illuminate the heart through the eyes.

Carlo Baldessari      

Art and Technique
Reading the interview with Carlo Baldessari, published Martch 8th in the Gazzetta di Mondena, , was a pleasant surprise. It's always satisfying to see the constant effort of a collaborator recognized.
Carlo Baldessari is an artist that works with glass, polishing plates, fragments and shards. With every movement he models them into imagined shapes, joining them into sculptures of light and transparency that fascinate onlookers.
Years have gone by since we started a collaboration that continues to today, which is one where we find reflections in the glass that distinguish us. .
The care the artist has taken down to the smallest of fragments, with the belief that the quality of the job starts with the first gestures, is the same belief that we call on in the productive process. We achieve quality by constantly improving technique, starting with preliminary operations, making a profession an art. .
Glass, in its transparency, reminds us of the very essence of our job: to reveal the characteristics of goods, components and materials, bringing opportunities and solutions to our clients.
Through measured gestures, passion for our profession and experience; these are all reasons why we host works by Baldessari in both of our locations. .
Today Carlo, who started off in a small bodega on Viale Gramsci in the town of Campogalliano (province of Modena), is reaching markets abroad.. His works have started to travel beyond the borders of Italy and Europe, and have found new challenges, cultures and aesthetic tastes, and have made him another cornerstone to Italian art, leaving his mark on the international market. >
We would like to take the opportunity to extend our warmest wishes to his creativity,
, dedication and passion, ,
that he may continue to amaze and astonish us. ,
Good luck, Carlo!

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