Potential, applications and limits of the most powerful technology for industrial tomography

Potential, applications and limits of the most powerful technology for industrial tomography


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Paolo Moscatti – TEC Eurolab President .
The objective of the event today, along making the new North Star Imaging X7000 tomographic system operational, is to provide our clients a broad and deeper vision of the opportunities offered by this technology that is at the height of technology today for testing some industrial products.
We have some very important guests: teachers from the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Modena, the University of Padua, and technician managers from the leading automotive manufacturers of our Motor Valley. .

Olivier Haenel – Director of North Star Imaging Europe
“For us, as you know, system suppliers to the market together with our partner Tec Eurolab, it’s very important that we have the opportunity to meet industrials from different fields, both to get a feedback. .
It’s a real opportunity we have to get have an open discussion about their needs, about their hopes, about what they expect from CT, for example or just simply communicate about the new things we are able to bring to the market and to help them solve their issues. So, if we want to develop the right product for the future, we need to know exactly what the industry is expecting to get, so that’s a very important event for us to be present at, absolutely.

Marco Moscatti – Dir. Of Tomographic Center at TEC Eurolab.
Industrial tomography is a method that allows for complete component testing, whether it be for defects or dimensions, internally and externally. Testing can be carried out on single components or assembled ones, without having to destroy the assembled part, so even if there is welding or gluing, the test can still be performed without compromising the integrity of the component.

Michele Arrivabeni – Research and Development at Ducati Motor Holding
Tomography for us, as we work in the automotive sector, has significant importance, as it allows us to determine the classic components of the motor and the vehicle, and look at the effects of certain defects..

Elena Lanzarini – Director of Production at Pagani Automotive
I found today’s event particularly interesting because it gave me ideas to reflect on further. With this new technology it is possible to get an even more detailed look at the materials used by Pagani Automotive, in particular carbon. Whoever looks at a Pagani car sees treated carbon, so it is also painted completely. This tool however, makes it possible to analyze in detail the various layers of the material, down to the last one.

The new industrial tomography system was presented at the meeting dedicated to all Quality Management and R&D professionals.
The system is the biggest in Italy and one of the highest performing in Europe.

In addition, asimilar technology was discussed here, with the collaboration of industry and university leaders, one that has possible applications in R&D, Failure Analysis and Additive Manufacturing
and could bring greater value to any manufacturer's business.

This was a day dedicated to forwarding knowledge of new technologies in the market; it was a day that brought together ideas and opinions from the industrial and academic fields, set in Italy.

  • NSI X7000 – the new Industrial Tomography system: technical features, potential, applications. Industrial Tomography and integrated services: What technical support along the entire supply chain? When is industrial tomography not useful? Which testing methods or tools can replace it and still give us the same quality results? ?

  • Marco Moscatti | Dir. of Tomographic Center at TEC Eurolab Srl
  • Andrea Scanavini | Administrator and Dir. of R&D at TEC Eurlab Srl
  • Matteo Cova | Reliability Specialist – Sacmi
  • Paolo Veronesi |  Adjunct professor – “Enzo Ferrari” Engineering Department at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  • Giovanni Moroni | Professor – Mechanical Technologies Section and Polytechnic Production of Milan
  • Simone Carmignato | Adjunct professor – Technologies section and production systems at the University of Padua
  • Fabrizio Fabbri | Dir. Metallurgy Quality Dept. – Ferrari S.p.A.

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