10th September 2011: ITS Course presentation
Loc. Modena - Auditorium ITIS F. Corni - Polo scol. Leonardo da Vinci


ITS Technical Superior Institute of Mechanical and MaterialsITS Technical Superior Institute of Mechanical and Materials
ITS Technical Superior Institute of Mechanical and Materials
It will be held on Saturday, September the 10th, the conference to present the post - high school technical specialization course in the mechanical field promoted by the Foundation ITS.
The initiative, entitled "ITS and the challenge of the future - A new path to the high technical professions" will take place from 10.30 to 12.30 in the auditorium ITIS F. Corni - Leonardo da Vinci Institute (address: Via Leonardo da Vinci, Modena).
After the introduction of Francesca Romana Giuliani, president of the Foundation ITS Mechanics and Materials, will held a speech Stefano Ori, Head of Team line 12 cylinders of Ferrari in Maranello, and Carlo Sini, professor of theoretical philosophy at the State University of Milan.
We recall that the Its course is two-year term and it is completely free, offering the opportunity to achieve a high technical specialization in the field of mechanics; at the end of the course a ministerial certificate will be released, with European validity.
To arrange this course a Foundation has been set up whose members, public and private (including TEC Eurolab), represent the excellence in the educational, training and business world, in the province of Modena.
On the occasion of the conference of September the 10th it is possible to request any information on the new course of study. The event will be organized in collaboration with the association "Amici del Corni”, the magazine of the cultural association " La città del secondo Rinascimento" and the “Collegio dei Periti” of the Province of Modena.
Info: tel. + 39 059 827835 (Federica Gherardi); segreteria@its-modena.it.

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