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Non-destructive testing


Non-destructive tests (N.D.T.) are inspections, checks and surveys carried out by means of methods that do not alter the material and do not require the destruction or removal of test samples from the concerned structure. The main feature of this kind of tests is the possibility to check the concerned parts without interfering with the tested material.

Non-destructive tests are thus used not only as a control of the finished product but also as production support, as preliminary pre-treatment tests or as controls in line downstream of a process that poses risks for the integrity of materials.

These tests have become important tools to ensure the safety and reliability of products contributing significantly to the reduction of non-compliance of the product and, ultimately, to reduce breakage during operation.

The range of NDT methods application is really extended. Basically it is possible to control everything, metallic and non metallic products, products with different shapes, with different thicknesses.

TEC Eurolab NDT Dept. is equipped with cutting edge equipment and NDT inspections are carried out by 2nd and 3rd Level technicians in all NDT Methods: Visual Inspection (VT), Dye/fluorescent penetrants (PT), Magnetic particles test (MT), Ultrasonic test (UT), Eddy Current test (ET), Radiographic test (RT), Thermographic test (IT), Extensometric test, Metallographic Replica on-site tests, Phased-Array test, On-site chemical analysis (PMI), Hardness test with portable instruments

The qualifications of our staff, range over the following standards:
UNI EN ISO 9712 - ASNT SNT TC 1A - NAS 410 - EN 4179


Any method is strongly characterized by the physical properties which define its application field. It is therefore necessary to know the applicability and limitations of the various test methods to determine feasibility and method of carrying out an examination.

Discover our new rigid carrying case containing all the necessary equipment to perform a thorough visual inspection in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN 17637:2011 (ex UNI EN 970). 

We have significant experience regarding on-site interventions of non-destructive testing. We have performed tests on small artifacts, tanks, distribution lines, large structures such as cranes and portual lifting systems

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