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Materials Testing Centre


Laboratory tests represent the most appropriate way in order to collect data and information on the characteristics of materials and related treatments.

The operating behavior of materials and components will be strongly influenced by their chemical, mechanical and structural characteristics. Hence the importance of knowing and carefully assess the properties of the materials used.

TEC Eurolab Srl has the most modern equipment in order to perform: characterization of materials, research of the causes of defects, characterization of surfaces at the nanoscale level, collaboration with R & D offices for feasibility studies and development of materials and protective treatments or changing the structural and surface properties.
Characterized Materials:
  • METAL ALLOYS (steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys, magnesium, titanium, nickel, cobalt, zinc, copper, sintered materials, etc..)
  • POLYMERS (thermoplastics and thermosets);
  • COMPOSITES (particulate, short fiber and long fiber: eg. Fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc..).
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